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Hydrology Intern

AmeriCorps-Conservation Legacy

There is an open Hydrology Intern position at the refuge complex through the Bureau of Indian Affairs WaterCorps program. The candidate would need to have tribal affiliation, a high school diploma, and be 18-34 years old. The duration is 26 weeks, with a start date in early May, flexible for the candidate. Living allowance is $600/week and there is a $3500 Americorps award upon completion! You will gain experience in various things including waterbird surveys, crop use surveys, pre-construction fence monitoring, and ungulate surveys, Responsible for play lake management, daily water delivery and irrigation at Las Vegas and Maxwell NWRs. Assist biologist and maintenance staff with the farming programs. Collecting and record soil samples. Develop an infrastructure database to monitor, track, and update water routing at Las Vegas and Maxwell NWRs using ArcGIS Online. Assist with the design and development of river restoration plans at Rio Mora NWR. Lead partners and volunteers in planting of native riparian species. Assist partners with pre- and post-riverbank restoration monitoring and invasive species monitoring. Assist with wildlife surveys (elk, waterbird/waterfowl, etc). Assist with refuge hunting program; develop outreach materials, check-in and out with hunters, etc. Assisting with occasional maintenance improvements and janitorial duties. Develop and implement the wildlife camera monitoring project at Rio Mora NWR. Assist with outreach and education programs and/or videos focusing on riparian ecosystems.

Contact Information

Name: Jon Erz