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Floor Crew

Hubbard Broadcasting

Job Overview: This position is responsible for all of the studio production elements as well as the operation of studio cameras and production equipment for live and recorded television newscasts and shows. Job Responsibilities: Partner with peers, on-air talent, producers, directors, managers, and members of the public to help ensure a professional TV newscast/show is produced. Operate and move TV cameras (studio and remote) and teleprompter. Floor direct for live and pre-recorded productions following scripts, verbal commands and non-verbal cues. Communicate clearly and quickly using verbal and non-verbal cues to talent. Assist talent as directed by supervisor. Aid in the preparation of scripts and materials for productions. Set-up props, furniture and other items including building, lifting, arranging, lighting and cabling needed for production. Tear down, clean, and removal of same. Communicate supply and material needs. Maintain studio by cleaning, vacuuming, floor buffing, storage, maintenance, and organizing equipment and set materials. Respond and work well in a crisis and during breaking news. Handle last minute and unexpected changes. Communicate quickly and clearly to others. Report to work on time and work established schedule/hours. Ability to work other hours or alternate schedules as needed. May travel and work on location but only on a very limited basis and in special circumstances. Complete other duties as requested and needed

Contact Information

Name: Michael Hammond