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UWC USA Part-Time English A Instructor


Instructional Responsibilities English A Instructor: A part-time English A Instructor is responsible for teaching two classes of IB English A: Language and Literature. This teacher instructs both Higher Level and Standard Level in the same classes; however, in the first year the course content is identical and differentiation occurs in the second year. Professional Development: All IB teachers are expected to participate in IB workshops specific to their discipline on a regular basis to stay up on curricular developments. Teachers new to the IB are expected to participate in a Category 1 workshop as early as possible after they have been hired at UWC USA’s expense. Course Content and Assessment The teacher is responsible for covering the required course content and assessing student performance based upon a standard set of requirements and criteria provided by the IB. Grades and Reports The teacher will compile grades and write a narrative report for each student in their classes at designated times of the year. Teachers are to track attendance on PowerSchool, the school’s information system.

Contact Information

Name: Kayleigh Frater