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Susan’s Legacy Addiction Counselor

Susan's Legacy

Duties and Responsibilities 1. Complete a clinical assessment for each potential client. 2. Help clients develop and document their treatment plan. 3. Provide psycho-education and support groups for clients in the areas of life skills and addiction. 4. Provide substance abuse and mental health counseling for clients, as appropriately licensed. 5. Meet weekly with the Executive Director and, as necessary, keep the Executive Director appraised of any significant encounters. 6. Ensure programming outcome measurements/evaluations are developed, and are regularly conducted, aligning with project goals and objectives. 7. Encourage and support clients’ participation in self-help recovery programs and faith-based activities of their choice. 8. Assist clients involved with the criminal justice system in complying with court orders or parole conditions, and coordinate services as necessary. 9. Document all services as required by the Executive Director and the funding sources. 10. Conduct on-going reviews of client files to ensure that all necessary forms and assessments are updated and comply with funding sources. 11. Other related tasks as assigned by the Executive Director.

Contact Information

Name: Kathryn Weil