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Supervisory Research Microbiologist/Ecologist/Soil Scientist/Hydrologist


Specific personal research objectives may include: Develop conservation and manure management practices that enhance nutrient use efficiency and improve environmental quality. Lead an innovative research program and team to generate multi-disciplined management strategies to assess cost-and-benefit relationships between nutrient use efficiency, water quality, soil health, crop production, and associated ecosystem benefits. Develop and evaluate adaptive tools blending long-term records, geographic analyses, remote sensing, AI, and modeling applications (e.g., SWAT modeling) to quantify hydrologic and water quality dynamics and responses to changes in land use. Determine crop, soil, livestock, and manure management factors that affect ecosystem services (e.g., reduced GHG emissions, C sequestration, nutrient fate, enhanced water infiltration). Supervisory duties include: Providing vision, establishing, and maintaining an advisory stakeholder base and developing research programs to address stakeholder priorities. Exercising leadership and supervising personnel assigned to the unit. Maximizing the creativity and productivity of the unit. Hiring personnel and managing the human, fiscal and physical resources assigned to the unit. Serving as the Unit fund holder. Providing technical information and consultation both internal and external to Agricultural Research Service. Ensuring the proper interpretation and reporting of scientific research results. Closing 9/13/23

Contact Information

Name: Elsa Ayala