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Supervisor of Education

New Mexico Corrections Department

ยท A correctional reentry department promotes public safety and wellbeing by maximizing the educational attainment of our students, promoting their personal growth, and enhancing their capacities to succeed upon reentry into their communities. The Supervisor of Education oversees and manages educational and reentry programs, services, opportunities, and staff in a New Mexico Corrections Department facility The Supervisor of Education works closely with facility security and facility instructional staff to ensure smooth daily operations of education and reentry programs and services, advocates for student success, translates directives and guidance of the Education Administrator and the parent Reentry Division into action, gathers and prepares data for departmentally mandated performance measures and makes efforts to increase performance, and supervises and supports staff who perform a variety of educational and reentry duties. Note: Resume must include dates (months/years) to count towards experience calculation.

Contact Information

Name: Urbano Ortega