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Student Intern Consumer Safety Officer


The USDA office is doing an immediate call for applicants for PAID federal internship Physically at Duty Station based in El Rito, New Mexico with the USDA FSIS: OFO Program. We are in search of undergraduate and graduate students who may be interested in a career with the federal government or have interests in Biology, Agriculture, Physical sciences related, Food technology related, Epidemiology, Home economics, Pharmacy, Engineering, and Nutrition. I've included the description below. Undergraduate students will be paid $16.10 and graduate students will be paid $17.50 an hour. Position: Student Intern Consumer Safety Officer Duties: •Assembles data and prepares materials in advance of verification activities in official establishments. Obtains information available at the field or district level by computer or other means. This includes historical compliance information, scientific test data, consumer complaints , or other relevant farm-to-table data available within the District or on a national basis. • Upon an initial visit to an establishment, obtains plant control plans from inspection personnel, the establishment's management, and technical or scientific staff (e.g., microbiologists, chemists, or food technologists) for review by the Consumer Safety Officer (CSO). • Gathers data and assesses specific elements of a plant's control systems as assigned by the CSO. Gathers relevant information and collates information in a format useable by the CSO for his or her assessment of individual systems and overall integrated food safety assessment of the establishment and its products. These systems include HACCP (which includes the plant's written plan and its monitoring, verification, record keeping, corrective/preventive, and reassessment); SSOP procedures, monitoring, corrective/preventive, and evaluation, generic E.coli procedures , and Salmonella data. • Identifies conditions affecting the growth of microorganisms and makes note of issues requiring evaluation by the CSO. Assists the CSO in assessing the statistical validity of the plant's microbiological sampling plans by extracting data from records and performing calculations. Reviews records (e.g. laboratory results) for adherence to specific criteria. • Assists the CSO with various administrative activities such as preparing detailed reports for proposed enforcement activity, responding to plants' written proposals of corrective action, and preparing various other documentation. Skills: A valid driver's license may be required. The work requires the ability to lift up to 40 pounds. Location: El Rito, NM Majors: Agriculture-related major, Biology-related major, Physical sciences-related major, Food technology-related major, Epidemiology, Home Economics, Pharmacy, Engineering, Nutrition. Format/Hours: 40 Students who are U.S. citizens (per federal security clearance) are eligible. All majors and racial/ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply! Interested students can submit their resumes and unofficial transcript to

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