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Software Developer

Los Alamos National Laboratory

The selected candidate will work as a Software Developer 2 to support the implementation and development of Adobe AEM Forms at Los Alamos National Laboratory. AEM Forms will have a new implementation which will provide the candidate the opportunity to help build the Adobe AEM platform at Los Alamos from the ground up. The successful candidate will be required to: Administer the Adobe AEM platform. Serve as the single point of contact for the Adobe AEM platform. Work with consultants to implement the platform on LANL provided infrastructure. Work with other internal teams to support the AEM platform. Work with internal customers to define requirements for new AEM forms. Design and develop Dynamic-Interactive AEM adaptive forms. Develop AEM adaptive forms from xdp templates. Work with other LANL teams to perform integrations for data needed on AEM forms. Create xdp form templates using Adobe designer. Database and REST service integration with Adaptive forms. Configure CRX, OSGI services/components, Sling models and APIs. Install core code bundles and packages for AEM-related projects. Implement building framework. Deliver solutions within defined time frames and feature sets.

Contact Information

Name: Desirae Crystal Marie Vigil