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Santa Fe County Registered Nurse

Santa Fe County

Essential Job Functions:  Monitor disbursement of medications as directed by the facility physician to ensure they are administered in accordance with standing orders. Inventory medical supplies needed for sick call. Submit requisitions for replacements and additional supplies as required by the facility physician so supplies will be on hand when needed.  Conduct brief medical screening on each new arrival within 24 hours of admission. Complete medical information forms and keep on file to ensure the staff has information available to safely provide for residents’ physical needs. Schedule new arrivals for physical examination by the facility physician. Notify the Nurse Administrator of any unusual or contagious health problems so that the spreading of contagious infections or diseases is contained.  Conduct in-house sick call under the direction of the facility physician and make recommendations as appropriate to excuse the inmate from the schedule to see the facility physician to insure the health and safety of the resident is maintained. Under the guidance of the Nurse Administrator and the facility physician, provide in-service training to staff regarding emergency medical procedures, administering medications, etc., so the health and well-being of the residents is maintained and contract requirements are met.  Establish and maintain confidential health records and medical files on all residents, insuring that forms and procedures are updated on a regular basis so that contract requirements are met. Maintain confidentiality obtained through job duties regarding residents, employees, vendors, outside agencies, etc., so that sensitive information is only given on a “need to know” basis.  Comply with facility safety rules; take appropriate corrective action to ensure work is performed in a safe manner and without injury to self or others. Communicate effectively with staff in a manner that promotes a team spirit.

Contact Information

Name: Maria Escobar