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Santa Fe County LPN

Santa Fe County

Essential Job Functions:  In a team with the Registered Nurses, contributes to the Nursing Assessment. Initiates the admission process and assists with the identification of recurrent health problem, symptoms and behavioral changes of the patient. Collects pertinent data through observation, interview other members of the health term, and communicates changes in the patient condition to other patient care providers. Record all data obtained through assessment in the patient’s health record.  In a team with the Registered Nurses, contributes to the Nursing Care Planning. Assists in the formation of a written plan. Assists in identifying both short and long term timed measurable goals with anticipated behavioral changes. Assists in setting priority when planning care to meet the patient’s needs. Assists with patient health care and participates in multi-disciplinary care conferences.  Counts CDS drugs and contraband, if required. Transcribes and posts all therapeutic orders generated by the physician. Initiates and documents prescribed treatments for nursing interventions in compliance with policy and procedure. Administers routine and/or PRN medications as ordered.  Practices universal precautions when providing nursing procedures. Assists in maintaining neat, clean and safe environment for patients and coworkers. Keeps health team informed of observation and changing conditions of patients.  Participate in staff meetings by sharing observations and recommendations regarding the facility, participants and staff in order to identify and solve problems and functions as a unified team. Maintain confidentiality regarding employees, and participants.

Contact Information

Name: Maria Escobar