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Santa Fe County Detention Officer

Santa Fe County

Essential Job Functions:  Receives, searches, fingerprints, issues facility uniforms; classifies housing of arriving inmates. According to policy, confirms, clears and sends locates on warrants. Prepares and escorts inmates for transport to various locations including medical appointments and court, monitors inmate in court and may take into custody court committed defendants.  Prepares food trays for service and feeds inmates. Ensures sanitary standards are maintained and ensures janitorial related functions are performed throughout the facility.  Monitors inmates’ well-being; summons medical aid; and communicates with medical staff. Assists the medical staff with dispensing of medication according to the medical instructions.  Patrols and maintains security of designated areas of the facility and controls traffic to and from specific areas. Responsible for incidents reports; conducts periodic cell searches to ensure adherence to jail rules and regulations and confiscates contraband; picks up mail and inspects prior to distributing to inmates; Writes reports documenting incidents and places items into evidence. Monitors inmates both directly in person and by use of an indirect video monitoring system.  Accesses information from a computer system and pulls records for court and assesses records. Maintains and updates jail counter, answers questions both in person and over the phone. Documents citizen complaints using applicable departmental procedures. Performs specific duties if assigned to the following areas: property, transportation, recreation, escort, roving, visiting room, booking, main control, housing, segregation and intake.

Contact Information

Name: Maria Escobar