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Santa Fe County Case Manager

Santa Fe County

Essential Job Functions:  Review and Maintenance of routine reclassification assessments and housing reviews  Update and review of inmate committees in accordance with inmate evaluation, progress and needs.  Answering and following up on inmate inquiries and concerns. Prepare and update inmate caseload logs to include tracking inmate movement data to accurately reflect inmate physical location.  Routine and updated inmate communication and availability for resource needs  Effectively communicate with all staff needed, direct contact with inmates and the general public  Assist in transition planning and coordinating with both community and judicial services  Coordination of strategic casework, classification; conduct and analyze inmate assessments. Develop family and community collaborative support teams, and provide service referrals and follow up.  Periodic and custody classification review, assessment needs for appropriate housing placement  Program referrals and regularly scheduled one on one contact  Inmate job recommendation for assignment approval  Judicial case review to include appropriate follow through

Contact Information

Name: Maria Escobar