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Residential Youth Care Worker

Youth Development Inc.

JOB CHARACTERISTICS/PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This is a professional position which requires organizational and communication skills, as well as judgment, tact and diplomacy in contacts with YDI employees, community residents, parents and local government agencies. Strict adherence is required to all regulation concerning confidentiality. Good general health and ability to lift and carry 50 lbs are essential. Background investigation to include fingerprinting will be required. TB Skin Test and Physical may be required every five years. Frequent travel is required by employee and proof of satisfactory car insurance is required. Youth Development, Inc. is an at-will employer. Employment is by mutual consent of the company and employee, and either may terminate the relationship at any time with of without cause or advance notice. This job is contingent upon funding; however, availability of funding is not a guarantee of continued employment, nor does it imply any specific term of employment. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Not Inclusive): Provides direct crisis intervention services to clients and their families when necessary. Is responsible for intake services involving new clientele wishing services from the program. Will offer intervention services to clientele involving identification of problems and will include developing techniques necessary for recommendations for an individual in their attempt to overcome such problems. Will make referrals and contacts necessary to various social service agencies that may assist in problem resolution. Will assist/monitor clients in managing the day-to-day running of facility. Will assist in developing and maintaining a recreation program for clients. Will do follow-ups on such referrals/contacts. Will maintain files/records of all intake, referrals and conference functions. Will assist in meal preparation in accordance to the posted daily menu. Will provide transportation for clients when necessary. Other duties as assigned. Closing 5/10/24

Contact Information

Name: Sandra Gnodle