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Rehab Counselor-A & Underfill Rehab Counselor-o

New Mexico State Personnel Office

Providing vocational rehabilitation counseling to individuals with disabilities and their families; assist in removing barriers to employment due to personal, vocational, social, psychological, financial, and educational concerns and issues; counsel participants on effective action to eliminate or reduce impediments to employment, achieve independent living and vocational goals. Assist eligible participants to include students, youth, and adults with disabilities, in exploration and choice of appropriate vocational goals; provide vocational information about career paths, job trends, and salaries. Jointly develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) with the participant; identify specific objectives to achieve vocational goals; assist participants to develop strategies to overcome and resolve barriers that may arise during the rehabilitation process; identify services needed to achieve objectives; negotiate terms of the IPE with other professionals as needed. Assist with supported employment services with participants who are determined to be the most significant disabled. Provide and coordinate services for participants; collaborate with community programs and professionals for medical, psychological, vocational, educational, or other services; staff cases and review client progress. Amend the IPE with the participant based on assessment of progress toward achieving objectives; monitor quality and timeliness of services and renegotiate terms of service provision appropriately. Deadline is December 13, 2023

Contact Information

Name: Hotana Secatero