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Regional Emergency Communications Center Deputy Director

Santa Fe County

This position manages, administers, and directs the activities, programs, and operations of the Santa Fe County Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC). This position research develops, implements, and oversees the programs, policies, procedures, and services at the Center, ensuring the highest service standards to the public and user agencies. This position also includes direct supervisory duties over the RECC staff, including Dispatchers, and Technical Support/Applications Support Specialists. Manages the Center’s overall annual budget and assists in the preparation, oversight, and presentation to the RECC Board for approval. Researches and recommends equipment and technology replacements and upgrades to maintain efficiency standards This position reports directly to the RECC Director. Works in collaboration with the RECC Board composed of elected and appointed officials from various City, County, and other governmental entities. Directly supervises employees of the RECC and may be aided by first-line supervisors and/or lead workers Deadline April 2, 2023

Contact Information

Name: Maria Escobar