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Re-Entry Coordinator

New Mexico Corrections Department

· The Reentry Coordinator facilitates the successful transition of New Mexico’s incarcerated population back into the community by working closely with correctional facility staff, outside community resources and other vital stakeholders to create an effective bridge pre to post-release. Specialized training in the COMPAS tool allows the Reentry Coordinator to provide an objective risk and needs assessment and standard for evidence-based case management and referrals. Based off an established case plan, Reentry Coordinator’s organize workshops and facilitate in-reach efforts which address individual’s criminogenic risks and needs and enhance the probability of a successful transition out into the community. While focusing on prerelease efforts, the continuum of care is vital to this position and works to coordinate services with Probation and Parole and other needed supports within the community prior to release. Note: Resume must include dates (months/years) to count towards experience calculation.

Contact Information

Name: Urbano Ortega