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Rare Plant Crew Leader

Bureau of Land Management and Institute for Applied Ecology

The crew leader will supervise two crew members for the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Rare Plant Monitoring Initiative, operated by the Institute for Applied Ecology. More information about New Mexico’s rare plants can be found here. The crew will consist of three individuals: two crew members and one crew lead. They will monitor demography of rare plants on BLM lands across NM following established protocols, particularly in areas where multiple-use land management (i.e. energy extraction) impacts on rare plants are expected. Crews will be required to drive to remote areas throughout New Mexico, camp overnight for 2-7 consecutive days, hike up to several miles a day, and return to the office for equipment and data management. While rare plant inventories are the focus, where possible, crews will assist with other plant conservation program projects in progress during the summer. Projects may include native seed collection, pollinator monitoring, floristic diversity surveys and native plant restoration. This is a full-time, temporary position that requires overnight camping and non-traditional work hours inclusive of weekend and evening hours.

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