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Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Case Manager

Santa Maria El Mirador

Case Managers (CM) have critical and collaborative roles on the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT). They ensure that the individual in services is heard and that their needs and wishes for their lives are actualized. The Case Manager/QIDP carries a caseload of not more than 20 Intellectual Disabilities participants living in the group home setting. The QIDP is responsible for providing access to appropriate services for these individuals and their families/guardians requiring assistance. The QIDP also assesses situations, sets goals, and obtains the required services as necessary for implementation and monitoring of the quality of program services on an ongoing basis. The QIDP leads the staff in developing Individual Program Plans (IPP) and coordinates and stimulates the process for ensuring that the team comes to a resolution on the appropriate vision, goals, and objectives for each participant’s program. The QIDP is responsible for maintaining the Individual Program Plan and completing appropriate monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for each participant on their caseload. The QIDP/CM designs program objectives for the purpose of assisting in actual implementation of the person centered vision. The QIDP monitors programs and trains direct care staff to assure quality (daily, in some situations). The QIDP/CM provides accurate and timely documentation of this process following all ICF/IID regulations and standards.

Contact Information

Name: Maya Gomez