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NMPED Tutor Positions


NMPED is currently hiring 150 math tutors in an effort to provide virtual algebra 1 math tutoring to 500 New Mexico high school students. The NM Math Tutoring Corp Program is reaching out to colleges and universities across New Mexico to reach those college/ university students that may be interested in applying for tutor positions. We are hoping this university will post our flyer for all students, so that they may take advantage of this great opportunity to help New Mexico's high school students. I have attached the flyer with QR code for the application. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to: Michelle Korbakes, Accelerated Learning & Professional Development Project Manager (575)491-5773 Ashleigh Trice High-Dosage Tutoring Project Coordinator (414)988-3188 or (575)415-8437

Contact Information

Name: Ashleigh Trice