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Management Analyst Remote Position

Department of Health and Human Services

The purpose of the position is to perform a variety of analytical assignments utilizing qualitative and quantitative analysis to review and evaluate administrative operations and management practices for the purpose of improving organization efficiency and effectiveness. The duties and responsibilities of this position include: Plans, schedules, and conducts projects and studies to evaluate and recommend ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work operations in a program. Determines the functionality of unique organizational structures and provides necessary and appropriate coordination among key participants for the long-range planning and development of organizational structures to meet objectives and mission (i.e., information management systems, human capital, administrative support, financial and budgeting). Develops new or modified work methods, organizational structures, records and files, management processes, staffing patterns, procedures for administering policies, guidelines, instructions, and procedures. Responds to formal contacts and provides guidance and direction concerning management of contract information. Implements study methods and techniques to be utilized in complex studies and non-financial audits. Performs project type assignments. Provides advice, guidance, and assistance to senior leadership in a wide variety of management services areas with an emphasis on improving organizational efficiency and productivity. Advises on the impact of changes in mission and recommends alternative courses of action for resolving management problems in a variety of areas such as workforce utilization, productivity management and workflow. Closing Date 3/15/24

Contact Information

Name: Mid-Atlantic Services Branch