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Latin American& Caribbean Studies @ NYU

The Center for Latin American Caribbean Studies at NYU

in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Our MA program offers a unique and exciting academic experience: students thrive from access to world-renowned scholars and a wealth of research resources while pursuing a flexible interdisciplinary program. The M.A. program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies also offers: ● a concentration or Advanced Certificate in Museum Studies with NYU Museum Studies ● a joint program in Global Journalism with NYU Journalism ● a dual degree program in Law with NYU Law ● a dual program in Library & Information Science with LIU Palmer School of Library & Information Science Fall 2024 Admission Dates ● December 1st Priority Due Date: To be considered for merit-based scholarships and the FLAS fellowship, applicants should apply by this date ● January 4th Due Date: Joint Degree with Journalism final due date ● February 1st Due Date: Final due date for consideration of awards and GSAS or FLAS fellowships ● February 15th Due Date: Dual Degree with Advanced Certificate final due date ● June 1st Final Due Date

Contact Information

Name: Dylon Robbins