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Las Vegas Project Forester

New Mexico Forestry Division

This is a professional forestry position requiring advanced knowledge, skills and abilities to provide assistance to private landowners and tribes, local governments, and state and federal land management partner agencies in the management of forests and watersheds. The position exists to assist landowners and partners to meet their goals and objectives which may include improving forest health and wildlife habitat, generating income, restoring forest and watershed conditions, reducing wildfire risk, utilizing prescribed fire, and sequestering carbon. The position provides technical assistance for climate change adaptation including adjustments for longer fire season, higher temperatures and greater variability in precipitation including prolonged drought and high-intensity storm events. This position acts as an agent to negotiate timber sale contracts, inspect timber harvests for compliance with state regulations, develop projects and procure funding for projects, establish partner collaboration for the implementation and oversight of projects and associated funding sources. Further, the position coordinates the procurement of contractors for forest restoration and treatment services. The position is also responsible for assisting local economies and statewide resources and considering the environmental impact on natural resources as a result of future climate change and mitigation of these impacts. The position consults on fire suppression, fire prevention and prescribed burning through education; considering the effect of forest pathology and entomology on natural resources and implications of climate change impacts. Lastly the position will assist with training of partner organizations in forest management, wood product utilization, and spatial forest and fire management planning. Click on the website provided below, then in search bar enter Forester and filter to Las Vegas.

Contact Information

Name: Shannon Atencio