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Forestry Technician

Department of the Interior National Parks Services

Serve as a registered apprentice in a developmental capacity as a wildland firefighter trainee. Fight wildland fires in extreme heat conditions. Starts pump engine, primes pump, adjusts engine speed and pump valves, lays hose, and uses appropriate nozzles and nozzle adjustment in effective use of water and additives. Services and makes minor repairs to engine; inspects, checks and services accessories such as pump, water lines, tank, reels, or pump power plant; and keeps in fire readiness. Inspects, cleans and stows hose. Makes emergency repairs and adjustments of pump while in use. Performs line construction and mop-up activities. Performs the duties of a chainsaw operator and performs simple chainsaw maintenance. Other apprenticeship training assignments may include: trail maintenance; may be assigned to a fire lookout for reporting of fires; with training may serve in wildland fire dispatch center communicating weather and resource status. Gathers and considers information on weather data, topography, fuel types, and fire behavior in responding to wildland fire incidents. Responsible for operation and maintenance of specialized equipment used to respond to wildland and prescribed fire situations. Duties listed are at the full performance level of the position

Contact Information

Name: Lisa Salazar