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Department of Agriculture

This position provides technical leadership and program direction for Forestry related resource assessment, development of conservation planning alternatives and participate in area wide conservation and watershed planning alternatives. Provides technical leadership for conducting resource assessments, development of conservation planning alternatives and utilizing guidance contained in the NRCS National Planning Procedures Handbook. Monitors programs and policies of Federal and state agencies and partners relative to forestland use and management, in order to inform supervisor of potential conflicts or opportunities for collaboration. Develops and implements conservation plans related to woodland planning and utilization of financial assistance program funding to install forestry related practices in the assigned region. Reviews/analyzes woodland conditions throughout state to determine type, amount, and combination of forestry management/conservation actions needed to maintain working lands through personal visits, annual inspection trips, and written/oral reports. Collaborates with soil scientists/other specialists to develop methods for collecting and analyzing forest soil site correlation data for principal species/understory plant communities associated with major forest types in state. Maintains NRCS handbooks, manuals, standards, guides, and specifications associated with forestry, windbreaks, agroforestry, and recreation, including the National Forestry Manual/Handbook, and forestry/recreation-related parts Open & closing dates 04/18/2023 to 04/26/2023

Contact Information

Name: Olu Gbolade