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First Born Model Program Manager

First Born

The First BornĀ® Model Program Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the model under the umbrella of the Early Childhood Center of Excellence (ECCOE) at Santa Fe Community College under the supervision of the Director of the First BornĀ® Model Office. The model office supports programs in 9 counties and 4 pueblos. This position is responsible for managing all program communication and oversight, contracts, annual fees, core competency training in the model for new hires, outreach, and expansion into new communities, implementing and overseeing execution of the research agenda, writing grants, managing the budget, and participating in regular First Born Model Office team meetings and, through these, engaging in ongoing quality improvement and strategic planning. Position can be done remotely. Candidates from across the state encouraged to apply. To apply:

Contact Information

Name: Andrea Slatopolsky