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Film Makers @ the Tucumcari Film Festival

Film Tucumcari - Tucumcari Film Festival

Tucumcari Film Festival Unveils Exciting New Category: "Homegrown Films" Showcasing New Mexico's Cinematic Brilliance TUCUMCARI, NM – [Feb 5th,2024] The Tucumcari Film Festival is thrilled to announce the addition of a new and exciting category, "New Mexico Made Visions: Homegrown Films," dedicated exclusively to showcasing the cinematic excellence originating from the Land of Enchantment. This category serves as a celebration of the diverse and compelling stories, visual narratives, and creative talent flourishing within the state's enchanting landscapes and vibrant communities. "Homegrown Films" offers a distinct platform for local filmmakers, crews, and actors to shine, providing an opportunity for their works to be appreciated by a broader audience. The festival welcomes submissions that range from captivating short films, clocking in at up to 30 minutes, to feature-length masterpieces lasting 60 minutes or more. We extend a warm invitation to the vibrant community of New Mexico's filmmaking industry, encouraging both emerging and established talents to submit their compelling works. Whether through spellbinding narratives, breathtaking cinematography, or thought-provoking documentaries, "Homegrown Films" aims to capture and celebrate the essence of New Mexico's unique storytelling tradition. Key Submission Details: - Short Films: Up to 30 minutes - Feature Films: 60 minutes or more The regular deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2024. Filmmakers can submit their entries at the website listed below This is not a job but a chance to enter your film for a chance to be featured.

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Name: Robert F. Hockaday