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District Ranger

Forest Service

Duties Duties listed below are at the full performance level. Serve as a steward for a designated Forest Service area and embodies the agency’s core values in service to the Forest Service mission and completes duties in a way that is trustworthy, caring, respectful, responsive, curious, and inclusive. Clearly communicates decisions and takes care to explain actions in the larger context of our Forest Service mission and purpose. Directly responsible for the science-based stewardship of diverse natural and cultural resources, understanding the interdependence of all Forest mission areas. Responsible for implementing agency policy, navigating dynamic tensions and complex political, human and social factors, while also addressing the appropriate public use of forests/grasslands and associated lands of the District. Demonstrate a commitment to learning and evolving management approaches based on knowledge gained both from best available science and the relationships with communities, key stakeholders, interagency partners, and the public. Oversee the inventory, planning, evaluation, and management of each forest/grassland resource including timber, soil, land, water, wildlife and fish habitat, minerals, forage, wilderness and visual areas, and outdoor recreation. Closing Date 2/26/24

Contact Information

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