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Client Navigator

All Faiths Children's Advocacy

The Client Navigator at the Front Desk serves as a single point of contact for the agency’s clients, care givers, referring providers/agencies and visitors, by providing resources and assistance with accessing clinical and supportive care services offered within All Faiths and the community. This position is essential for All Faiths to carry out its mission when it comes to health care delivery. The Client Navigator facilitates referrals, appointments, provides details about agency programs, answers initial insurance coverage questions, handles various administrative tasks in support of client care, and ensures that emails, phone calls and visitors are logged and directed to the appropriate staff or department. Client Navigators ensure that all Front Desk communication is courteous and professional. In most cases, the Client Navigator is the first person a client meets. They are essential in making sure that new clients have a successful first session and that existing clients are routed in the most efficient direction when they have questions.

Contact Information

Name: Vanessa Garzan