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CAS Director

United World College

What is the position? The UWC CAS Director contributes to the school’s mission across the full program. Within the CAS curriculum, the UWC CAS Director leads the development and implementation of the Arts and Culture, Wilderness and Outdoor Adventure, and Community Engagement curricula, ensuring that they integrate our commitments to place-based education, peacebuilding and integral sustainability. Across their various responsibilities, the UWC CAS Director collaborates with other members of the educational leadership team, supervises a team, oversees and supports faculty sponsorship of CAS courses, and oversees student progress within the CAS curriculum. Beyond CAS, the Director supports other programming areas in formal or informal ways. They fulfill their responsibilities in accord with the UWC mission and values as well as the school’s strategic plan, foundational documents, IBDP authorization, ISAS accreditation, best practices in experiential education, and best practices in teaching and learning. Please see this link for the full job description.

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