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Institute for Applied Ecology

IAE Southwest seeks to hire a Botany Program Lead to support the objectives of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Plant Conservation and Restoration Program (PCRP) program at the Carlsbad Field Office in Carlsbad New Mexico. The PCRP conserves, maintains, and restores native plant communities through its land use planning and land management activities. The BLM Carlsbad Field Office administers over 2 million acres within the northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert and along the western edge of the Permian Basin – one of the oldest oil fields in the nation. The Carlsbad Botanist coordinates all botany projects within the field office, including support for seed collection and ecological monitoring programs, managing Special Status Plant Species dataset, consulting on National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) projects, overseeing botanical data collection protocols, implement preclusion and recovery strategies for Federally Threatened or Endangered plant species, and more. The Botanist provides native plant technical support to other programs and implements vegetation management and restoration projects to help BLM and the Department of Interior (DOI) improve conservation stewardship and wildlife species habitat and meet DOI climate goals.

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