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Americorps Vista Internship


The growth and demand for our innovative STEM programming has created a new set of challenges, especially with respect to capacity building and advancing our long-term vision for sustainability. We are seeking a VISTA member to join our team to help us address these challenges. Being part of a team also means learning about the goals and structure of a nonprofit and pitching in various ways as needed. Specific duties of the Vista partner will depend on their skills, interests and career goals. For example, if the partner is fluent in Spanish, they may be active in community engagement and help create a Spanish language version of our newsletter. Other activities include: 1. Helping set up management systems for volunteers and grants (using our management system for donors as a model). 2. Working with the CEO on fundraising and developing grant plans. 3. Helping organize program assessment information for reports. 4. Initiating collaborations with local businesses and organizations.

Contact Information

Name: Lina German