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Accounting Technician

Santa Fe County

Performs a variety of paraprofessional accounting duties and may serve in a lead worker capacity. Calculates, posts, balances, receives and verifies a variety of accounts to obtain financial data used in maintaining fiscal systems and/or assists in leading fiscal clerical personnel.  Reviews incoming checks and receipts for proper payee, amounts and signatures; reviews accounting documents to verify amounts, extensions, codes, totals, etc., against supporting documents; reviews accounting forms for proper completion, amounts, coding, discounts, taxes, etc.  Compiles and codes information for computer input; enters information into computer and verifies the output against source documents; and determines appropriate activity codes and accounts required for posting payments and/or making adjustments.  Ensure compliance with the provisions of the NM Procurement Code and county fiscal policies, ordinances and resolutions;  Works with county finance, procurement, and accounting staff;  Promptly responds to telephone calls and written communications;  Perform financial and administrative functions.

Contact Information

Name: Melissa Martinez